Nutrient Expert® - A General Overview

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Nutrient Expert® is an easy-to-use, interactive, and computer-based decision support tool that can rapidly provide nutrient recommendations for an individual farmer field in the presence or absence of soil testing data. Read more...

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IPNI RegionCountryCrop(s)
MS Access
for Windows
Web App
for Android
(mobile gadgets)
Web App
for PC (Windows/Mac)
Last updated
Hybrid Maize, Wheat, Rice, Soybean
December 16, 2016
South Asia India, Nepal, Bangladesh
October 17, 2017
South AsiaIndia
Hybrid Maize
October 16, 2017
South AsiaIndia
January 11, 2018
Southeast AsiaIndonesia, Philippines, Vietnam
Hybrid Maize
June 25, 2013
Southeast AsiaPhilippines
October 2, 2017
Southeast AsiaIndonesia
Hybrid Maize
July 13, 2018
Sub-Saharan AfricaKenya & Zimbabwe
Hybrid Maize
November 11, 2016
Sub-Saharan AfricaEthiopia
Hybrid Maize
March 15, 2018
Sub-Saharan AfricaNigeria
April 27, 2018
North AfricaAlgeria, Morocco, Tunisia
November 14, 2018