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16 Dec 2014Better Crops South Asia 2014

The 2014 Issue of Better Crops South Asia is focused on the Nutrient Expert(R) - a decision support tool that is successfully making nutrient recommendations at the field-scale for small holders.

17 Jul 2014Nutrient Expert® Featured in CCAFS Annual Report

"The advantage of developing the Nutrient Expert® in a participatory mode was that the partners were on-board from day one and ultimately ‘owned’ the innovation.

18 Dec 2013Nutrient Expert® Presentations - China

Nutrient Expert based fertilizer recommendation method

18 Dec 2013VIDEO - Nutrient Expert® - A New Fertilizer Recommendation Approach based on Yield Response and Agronomic Efficiency

The video runs for 6 minutes and gives an introduction of Nutrient Expert®. It explains principles and practices of Nutrient Expert® decision support system software developed by IPNI staff and used f ...